Is it a good idea to use Reflection for testing purposes?

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TL;DR: No, and let me explain you why.

When we use reflection our tests get too fragile, we are allowing our tests to know so much information about the real implementation.
We need to hard-code the method name and we are coupling our test method to the production code.
Furthermore, we need to write a lot about boilerplate to test a simple method.

Q: I need to get at least an 80% of code coverage, how can I get it without Reflection class?
A: You should test ONLY your public methods and depend on the variables we pass, we should reach all the possible paths.
So, we do not need to test the private methods per se, they are called indirectly from our public functions.

Comparison between standard and Reflection tests

What would happen if we modified the simpleOperation() method from the Addition class to the following and we run the tests?

Q: Will the ‘standard’ fail? What about the Reflection one?
A: The standard will fail because we expect 4 as a result but we got a 0.
However, the reflection one will pass, because we are not focusing on the real implementation, we are creating a false positive which can be dangerous.

Dealing with some problems when not using Reflection

Let me show you a more realistic example (idea from PHPTheRightWay):

To test the vehicle’s model is easy, but what about the price?

One possible solution could be using the Reflection class to be able to set explicitly the price like:

But our Vehicle class is final, so we cannot perform this test, also, we said we shouldn’t use the Reflection class, so, probably we are doing something wrong in this class (TIP: you should make final your classes by default 😉).

Q: So what is the problem here?
A: The problem here is that we are performing an action inside the class (on the constructor) to which we do not have access from the outside.
One solution could be to inject the value in the constructor like:

And when we want to create this class, we could pass the final price as:

So, our price test could be like:

To sum up, I don’t recommend you to implement the Reflection class for tests (also for production code).

Defining our classes as `final` helps us to have a better design, not only because it forbid us the use of Reflection, but also it prevents us from mocking our business logic, which is good.

But about the evil behind the mocking, we will talk in another post.

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I hope you like my second post and see you soon. :)

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